Tuesday Tooth Talk

At Sioux Center Dental, we believe education is an important component to dental health. With that in mind, we’ve created a video series to share some of our knowledge. Here you will find videos of Dr. Kuiper covering a number of different dental topics. Please let us know if you have any questions you’d like us to cover in the future!

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Today we meet the MVP at Sioux Center Dental...Dr. Trevor Kuiper! Find out why Dr Kuiper went into dentistry and what keeps him there!
Check it out, today on Tuesday Tooth Talk Dr. Kuiper gets real about Sioux Center Dental! Find out the values that Sioux Center Dental was founded on, and how he and his team live them out on a daily basis!
Are 6 month dental check ups really necessary?! Watch today's Tuesday Tooth Talk video with Dr. Kuiper to find out!
Curious about whitening?! Is professional better than over the counter? Find out the truth in this two part series on whitening! Next week Dr. Kuiper will tell us how you can pay once and whiten forever!!! Stay tuned!
Here it is... part two of our whitening series!! Find out how you can pay once, and whiten forever with Dr. Kuiper at Sioux Center Dental!

Ever wonder what a dental implant is?? Hear it here on Tuesday Tooth Talk, from Dr. Kuiper! We can't wait until he gets back from another intensive training on implants in May!

Today on Tuesday Tooth Talk.... Dr. Kuiper tells all about dentures. Find out the good, the bad and the ugly about what dentures can and can't do for you!
Periodontal Disease...What is it? How do you get it? What can you do? Watch this Tuesday Tooth Talk video to find out more about periodontal disease and how to prevent it!
So you have a cavity....now what? Today Dr Kuiper explains what a filling is on Tuesday Tooth Talk! Watch next week to learn about metal fillings vs white tooth colored options!
Welcome back! Today on Tuesday Tooth Talk, Dr Kuiper explains the differences between metal fillings and white tooth colored fillings!
Most of us would love to wear a crown...but what about a DENTAL CROWN!? Let Dr. Kuiper tell you all about dental crowns on today's Tuesday Tooth Talk!
You can have the smile you deserve, veneers may be the answer! Watch today's Tuesday Tooth Talk to catch Dr. Kuiper explaining dental veneers!
👨‍⚕️TOOTH TALK SPECIAL EDITION: PREGNANCY & ORAL HEALTH👨‍⚕️ Today we are kicking off a special edition week to celebrate moms! We will be releasing NEW Tooth Talk videos every day leading up to Mother's Day. Dr. Kuiper will take on everything from pregnancy and caring for baby's teeth, up to the safety of fluoride and dental sealants!
👨‍⚕️TUESDAY TOOTH TALK👨‍⚕️ Do bottles and sippy cups ruin teeth? Today Dr. Kuiper discusses what causes baby bottle tooth decay and how to prevent it! 🍼
👨‍⚕️TOOTH TALK SPECIAL EDITION: EXAM BY YEAR ONE👨‍⚕️ When should you take your baby to the dentist? In today's video, Dr. Kuiper tackles this question! 🍼
👨‍⚕️TOOTH TALK SPECIAL EDITION: BABY TEETH👨‍⚕️ When do baby teeth come in and when do they fall out? Today Dr. Kuiper talks about all things baby teeth! 😁
👨‍⚕️TOOTH TALK SPECIAL EDITION: PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY👨‍⚕️ When should kids start going to the dentist and do they have to go to a pediatric dentist? Today Dr. Kuiper covers the topic of pediatric dentistry and some commonly asked questions! 🦷
👨‍⚕️TOOTH TALK SPECIAL EDITION: FLUORIDE👨‍⚕️ Is fluoride safe? In today's video, Dr. Kuiper answers all of your burning questions about fluoride! 🦷
👨‍⚕️TOOTH TALK SPECIAL EDITION: DENTAL SEALANTS👨‍⚕️ Today Dr. Kuiper wraps up our week long series about moms by discussing dental sealants. We hope you have enjoyed these special edition videos. If there are any topics you'd like us to cover in the future, please let us know! 🦷
Are root canals as bad as they used to be, or have things changed in dentistry? Find out what Dr Kuiper has to say about it!