Our dentures will give you a reason to smile! At Sioux Center Dental, we offer two types of dentures for our patients.

The first type is a traditional denture. This type of denture works great for some patients and not so great for others. After all of your teeth have been removed, a denture is specially made to fit your mouth. We customize everything from the size of the teeth to the fit of the bite. The final denture fits by being adapted to your tissues in such a way that it forms a natural suction to stay in place.

The second type of denture is an implant denture. Implant dentures are leaps and bounds better than traditional dentures because they do not move and flop around your mouth like traditional dentures are known to do. Implant dentures are actually attached to implants in your bone and gums. The dentures are custom fitted to snap into place and attach to the implants. They can still be removed to be cleaned, but they are far more stable than the traditional option. This makes biting, chewing and talking much easier.

If you are interested in seeing if either of our denture options are a fit for your needs, contact our office today!