What We Stand For

Mission Statement: 

We strive to provide excellent dental care through exceptional customer service and comfortable treatment. It is our goal that every patient at Sioux Center Dental feels like a part of our family and leaves the office feeling more healthy and positive than when they came in.

God and family will always be valued above all at our clinic. My wife and I believe those two things are the foundation of a truly great life, and we wish to exemplify those core values through our interaction with each and every patient we see. The reason we established Sioux Center Dental was to provide the community with the same great service that we would give our families, and to provide an opportunity for ourselves and our staff to invest in our family’s lives in a meaningful way every day. We believe that we are able to provide better care to those we serve when we are secure in our relationships with one another, and so we want to dedicate time and effort into building connections and delivering care that lets our patients enjoy their best lives.
— Dr. Kuiper


FAITH + FAMILY + SERVICE: these are the defining characteristics of Sioux Center Dental. We strive to provide care that is so compassionate, comfortable, and positive that you want to come back again and again. We believe the dental environment we provide is unlike anything you have experienced in the past, and it is our goal that you feel relaxed and at home. We are dedicated to outstanding customer service, and we work to meet or exceed the expectations of every person who walks through our front door.

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